March 19, 2007


If something looks too good to be true ...

Toronto is being deluged advertising for a Real Estate & Wealth Expo this weekend from The Leaning Annex. There are
  • billboards showing Donald i-never-smile Trump
  • a junk mail insert
  • newspaper ads
and today, a direct mail glossy. There are probably radio and tv ads too.

The Life-Changing Opportunity

"Our Real Estate & Wealth Expo will change your money-making life forever"--- William Zanker, President & Founder of The Learning Annex
How can you resist such an opportunity?

Live keynote speakers include
  • Donald Trump, billionaire
  • Tony Robbins, success coach
  • George Foreman, former heavyweight champion
  • Richard Branson, chairman & founder of Virgin Group
  • David Bach, author of Start Late, Finish Rich
  • Harry Stinson. local real estate developer
When do they speak? That's a surprise because they don't announce the times in advance for "scheduling issues and security issues". That makes planning a challenge.
There are 72 other wealth experts, bonuses and probably surprises. There are "True Success Stories" from happy, attractive people. It really does look like "One Weekend Can Make You a Millionaire!"
Here's proof: Trump is getting paid $1.5 million to appear, which he's donating to charity. I'm guessing that's for all 8 cities, not just Toronto. Regardless, this event is big business.
Plus there's a money back guarantee, no questions asked. There's nothing to lose.

The Fine Print
Being an actuary, I read the small print using a magnifying glass I keep for this purpose. Here it is, verbatim:
  • Individual performance depends on individual skills, time availability, and dedication of each student in the training program
  • Testimonials may not represent typical results
  • Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results
Since there's nothing to lose (except two full days), I'll go on your behalf if tickets are still available.
If something looks too good to be true ... it must be true!


Anonymous said...

And from the way the price on this event keeps changing a lot of people must feel that this is just too good to be true...

Currently, it's price has dropped to $99. I'll wait until the price drops to a $1.98 before I consider it.


Promod said...

So maybe I'll see you there, Peter :)

I've never attended an event like this massive and don't know what to expect. I suspect there will be too much time for wandering around aimlessly (they call it "networking"). I'm sure I'll find a few gems among the rubble.

Thanks for your comment.

Promod said...

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