December 16, 2007

Give Your Greatest Gift

We had a deluge of snow in Toronto today. Estimates range from 20-30 cm before drifting. Since it's Sunday, there are no closures of schools or offices. Monday looks like a normal day. At least I got to use our snowblower. Twice.

I also helped shovel a retired neighbour's driveway. This was much more useful than giving him a shovel or a cup of hot cocoa. Often, we take the easy way out, giving a material gift.

"Thanks for the ball, dad, come on let's play. Can you teach me to throw?"
I said, "Not today,
I got a lot to do."
He said, "That's ok."

--- Harry Chapin,
Cats In The Cradle
Give Yourself
You are the best gift you can give. Granted, this is tough to explain to a kid dreaming of a Wii or iPod.

When I give, I give myself. --- Walt Whitman

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. --- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention. --- Richard Moss

The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example. --- Thomas Morell
No one can outspend us when we give time and attention. Not even a billionaire.

Get Yourself
When giving, don't forget to give yourself to yourself too.
The greatest gift that you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention. --- Anthony J. D'Angelo
This is my final post of the year. Thank you, dear readers, for giving me your precious attention, week after week.

All the best to you and yours during the holidays.
May your 2008 be really great!

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