February 24, 2008

The Final Basic Fears #3-6 (Napoleon Hill)

We've been looking at the six basic fears that Napoleon Hill identified 70 years ago.

1. Poverty
2. Criticism
3. Ill Health
4. Loss of Love
5. Old Age
6. Death

We focused on poverty and criticism already. This time we'll delve into the rest. Some of the symptoms may seem dated.

#3 Fear of Ill Health
Fear of disease can produce physical symptoms of the disease feared.

  • negative self-talk
  • “enjoying” imaginary diseases, treating them as real
  • favouring “quack” treatments over professional help
Hypochondria (imaginary disease)
  • concentrating the mind upon disease
  • negative thinking --> expecting disease to appear
  • body’s resistance breaks down --> easier to contract a disease
  • can lead to too much time preparing for sickness
  • using an imaginary illness to seek sympathy (and get out of work)
  • hides laziness and lack of ambition
  • use of alcohol and other drugs to destroy pains, rather than eliminating the causes
#4 Fear of Loss of Love
This may be the most painful fear. At least it seems that way if you listen to popular music.

  • suspicion of friends and loved ones without reasonable evidence
  • suspicion of everyone --> no absolute faith in anyone
Fault Finding
  • with friends, relatives, colleagues, and loved ones
  • without any cause
  • thinking love can be bought
  • gambling, stealing, cheating, over-spending
  • leads to insomnia, nervousness, lack of persistence, lack of self-control, lack of self-reliance, bad temper
#5 Fear of Old Age
Old age can take away freedom and independence (physical and economic).

Slowing Down
  • feeling the best years are past

Apologizing for Being Old
  • rather than expressing gratitude for being alive
Narrow Thinking
  • no longer taking initiative, using imagination or maintaining self-reliance
  • dressing and acting like much younger people --> ridiculed by friends and strangers
#6 Fear of Death
This fear can be the cruelest fear for some. Is there life after life? The question of what happens after death can be troubling.

Thinking About Dying
  • instead of making the most of life
Lacking Purpose
  • too much time to worry when not busy
Burden on Loved Ones
  • could leave loved ones in poverty due to death or illness prior to death


Michael Donlan said...

How right he was about fear. Although fear can be a good motivator, all to often it just gets in the way!

Promod said...

How true. Thanks for your comment, Michael.

youngartist said...

I do agree with you that fear can cause a physical diseases, we always have faith as the opposite of fear and that is the best way to deal with fear!
Thanks for sharing

P.S Feel Free to read on how the book Think And Grow Rich came into being, very interesting story :)