July 6, 2008

Who's Reading What Here: Jan-June 2008

The work of science is to
substitute facts for appearances and
demonstrations for impressions.
--- John Ruskin

That motto of the Society of Actuaries guides me. We'll use the science of statistics to discover what you've been reading during the first six months of 2008.

Top 3 Posts
  1. Does Warren Buffet Buy Term and Invest The Difference?
  2. Should You Switch To An Actuarial Career?
  3. Six Basic Fears From 70 Years Ago [Napoleon Hill]
Only #3 was written this year :(

Where You Live
You live primarily in
  1. Canada (113 cities, especially, Toronto area, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Hamilton, Sudbury and Richmond)
  2. United States (especially California, New York and Texas)
  3. United Kingdom (especially London)
though there readers from 59 countries. For example, Hong Kong is #10. Country-specific content is for Canadians, though general principles are universal.

  • browser: 60% use Internet Explorer (60% use v7) and 35% use FireFox
  • traffic sources: search engines (60%), referrals (25%), direct (14%)
  • returning visitors: 24%
Recent Changes
Many financial blogs discuss how to become wealthy, often through investing. I tried to write for average Canadians but mainly know those who are already wealthy and want to stay that way. They are especially concerned about losses to tax.

Recently, I've described proven insured strategies the wealthy already use to
  1. give ideas to those in similar situations
  2. show other Canadians options as their wealth grows
More subtle are three other changes
Thanks for reading.

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