January 11, 2009

Listen To The First-ever Podcast on Riscario Insider

How can you access blog content in more ways?

Video has too many "moving parts". Quality results require: proper lighting, a clean background (a major hassle), decent (synchronized) sound, a suitable wardrobe (don't ask what I'm wearing right now), looking at the camera, editing, etc. Yikes! I can barely take photographs. You can see the initial (releasable) results on Riscario channel on YouTube

I don't have an iPod and don't listen to podcasts. Maybe you do. I listen to audiobooks daily in the car or at home. 

As an experiment, here is an extended audio version of The 100th Post. Click to listen or download:

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

That's a good start.

Promod said...