June 12, 2010


Linchpins are everywhere. Raise the flag.
Are you indispensable?

That's tough to answer unless you think the world orbits around you. Maybe you've taken steps to become a bottleneck. Do things go wrong when you're on vacation? If so, you're more disposable than you think (unless you're unionized).

Suppose you died. Finding a replacement may take time but your company won't shut down (unless you're a freelancer).

The truth is that life goes on. We often matter most to our families. They'll survive too. How well varies …

Make A Difference

The truth is that we make a difference in the lives around us.

You may want to make a bigger impact. Taking a path you rarely travel helps. So do comrades. There's vicarious joy in seeing them make the world better too.

How To Identify The Indispensable

If you're not sure if you're indispensable or on the path there, this video from Jacqueline Novogratz helps you decide. She the founder and CEO of Acumen Fund.

Jacqueline Novogratz on how to recognize a linchpin from Seth Godin on Vimeo.

Where To Find Like Minds

How do you find people who share your view of the world? That's easy online but less than satisfying. Meeting in person --- at least occasionally --- builds bonds. If you've already connected online, you're not meeting strangers.

That's why I'm more interested in attending the local TEDxTO than an official TED conference thousands of miles/kilometres away.

Linchpins Are Everywhere

Attend a free volunteer-run event on Linchpin Day, June 14, 2010. Currently 5,680 people from 90 countries have registered for 791 events across the planet. Most gatherings have less than 30 registrants. That's a recipe for intimate and interactive discussions.

You're bound to meet people making a difference in the world. If this appeals to you, why not participate?


Podcast 70 (2:49)

direct download | Internet Archive page
PS I'll be at two gatherings: general at 10 AM (organized by Phil Johnson) and philanthropic at 5PM (organized by Paul Nazareth). If you're there too, let's chat.

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