March 10, 2012


"To get an autograph, get back in line."

I'm practicing that sentence to deal with my soon-to-grow legion of fans.

This week, I was interviewed on camera for the first time. The clip is about the length of a TED Talk. The program is Liquid Lunch with Hugh Reilly and Sandra Kyrzakos on The show runs from noon to 2 PM on weekdays. You can watch live or on YouTube later.

First Time

I haven't been interviewed on camera before. The idea used to scare me. This time last year, I couldn't bear to see myself on camera.

All that changed because of Goodyear Toastmasters. I'm glad I finally joined. That's where I practiced and got the feedback I needed to improve. My confidence grew.

This week, I also did my 10th and final speech in the Competent Communicator manual — exactly 15 months after my first speech.

All Revved Up

I was ready to get interviewed but where?

Hugh and I were panelist at Networking For Entrepreneurs and Freelancers last month. These quarterly events are hosted by fee-only financial consultant Neil Jain at Money Life Skills (website) and Paulina Lysy (LinkedIn profile) of Southern Exposure Renewable Energy.

Our topic was social media. As a blogger and podcaster, I'm a strong believer. Hugh took a contrary view, which lead to an excellent discussion. Afterwards, Hugh invited me on Liquid Lunch. Opportunity welcomes the prepared.

The Interview


I want to get better at video production. I've volunteered to help at Rogers Community TV. There's a one year commitment … and a long waiting list.

If we meet and you'd like an autograph, please be patient. And get back in line.


Podcast 159

direct download | Internet Archive page | iTunes

PS To improve your speaking, read the Goodyear Toastmasters blog where I'm the editor and a contributor

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