September 1, 2012


Jeevan age 9It's time for students to return to school and for some to leave home. Our son, Jeevan, is going to Western University where he'll be living in residence. This will be a big change for him and us.

Why Western?

Our son’s decision to attend Western came as a surprise. He was more interested in the University of Toronto and enjoying the comfort of home for a few more years. That was fine with us. He likes having us as slaves and we're too docile to want freedom now.

imageAt the Ontario Universities’ Fair, our son reluctantly attended the session from Western. Yeah, parental pressure! The presenter, content and presentation were the best by far. That hour made the difference. Western became a possible choice and then the choice.

Disclaimer: I’m biased. I went to Western too (then called The University of Western Ontario). The experience was excellent. The campus felt special and still does. That's where I first heard of actuarial science and decided to become an actuary. Since I grew up in London, Ontario, I lived at home.

Empty Nest

Children start their lives completely dependent. With patience, nurturing and scolding, they start doing some things by themselves. In recent months, our son has become civilized and helpful. He does things without being asked --- at least sometimes. He's grown into a nice young man.

Now that he's become useful, he's leaving?!? Unfair!

After 18 years, my wife, Sharmila, and I will be alone. That's exciting and scary. This is a time to rekindle our relationship or drift apart. I'm betting on the former.

Which Song?

The feeling of son leaving is less The Beatles’ She's Leaving Home and more like Harry Chapin's Cats In The Cradle. Looking back over the years, what we could have done sometimes seems to overpower what we did do.


Today we're moving our son to London, Ontario. Saying goodbye will be emotional even though Toronto is only two hours away.
When you comin' home son?
I don't know when,
but we'll pay the bills until then, son.
You know we'll pay the bills until then.
(with apologies to Harry Chapin, Cats in the Cradle)


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PS We're packing Kleenex just in case. Tears of joy are still tears.

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