October 6, 2012


Joe Barbieri and Promod Sharma on air
You probably know more about investments than insurance. What if two insiders compared and contrasted for you? That’s what happened on Qb, a talk show about money.

You’re sold nothing except the merits of fee-only advice.


Joe Barbieri and Promod Sharma pre-interviewThe host, Joe Barbieri, has insider knowledge of the investment world. His LinkedIn profile shows where he’s worked. Recognize any of the companies? Joe now does true fee-only financial planning as Joe The Investor. “True” means he sells no products.

I designed life & health insurance products and helped advisors sell them  (see LinkedIn for the companies). Now I perform fee-only Actuarial Insurance Reviews. You can take the prescription to your old advisor, find a new one or use the Taxevity pharmacy.

The Interview

Joe Barbieri and Promod Sharma chuckleIn the wide-ranging 45 minute interview, Joe asked a series of well-considered questions. He also shares his perspectives from the investment world. 
We covered topics like


You've got your choice of video or podcast. Since there's nothing to see besides two people talking, you won't miss much by listening. For the podcast, I reduced the background noise, adjusted the volume and did some editing.

Joe Barbieri and Promod Sharma - the technology
I’ve only been interviewed on camera once before. I still don’t know where to put my   hands. That’s partially because I didn’t know what would show in the recording.

What other questions do you have?

Podcast 189

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PS Who wants to interview me next?

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