November 17, 2013


Sick in bed with a thermometer
Why did I get sick?

Sometimes the cause and lesson are clear. Other times we make shaky connections. Either way, what steps do we take to avoid getting sick again?

We visited the only Corvette factory (worth seeing)  and ended up in a Kentucky hospital (worth skipping). We probably got food poisoning from a local restaurant.
  • Suspected cause: bad salad (and likely cause)
  • Lesson: avoid raw food in strange places
  • Status: learned and still followed
In school, I got strep throat as often as once a year. I thought that was punishment for eating candy.
  • Suspected cause: candy (likely cause: a contagion caught at school)
  • Lesson: avoid candy
  • Status: learned (easy since we rarely got or get candy)

The Latest

Recently, I had a painful tummy. After eating, I felt gassy and bloated. My stomach hurt while digesting the food. I thought the cause was eating at a restaurant but no one else in my family got sick. The only difference in our meals was that I had hot soup.
  • Suspected cause: bad food while eating out (likely cause: unknown)
  • Lesson: eat better and at home
  • Status: learned (at least for now)

And You?

Does this sound familiar? You're busy. You're not eating well, exercising or sleeping enough. You've got deadlines! You've got no time. You've certainly got no time to get sick.

Your body doesn't care and forces you to bed. Now you have time. Your priorities changed. The world continues functioning without you. That's humbling.

While sick, we're often forced to listen and change the way we behave --- at least temporarily. Afterwards, what happens? Do we continue to apply the lessons or do we go back to our old ways? There's little value in failing and getting forced to learn the same lesson again. And maybe again.

During my tummy troubles, I ate smaller portions more frequently. The food was healthier, fresher and more alkaline. More salad. More vegetables. Less wheat. Some nuts like almonds. Fewer ingredients and condiments. Almost no processed food like cereals or protein bars. Very little added sugar. More walking (almost daily). More rest. I also got Ki Therapy from Julian Hirabiyashi (who I highly recommend). I've recovered and don't want to get sick again. I’ve continued behaving well for weeks. Maybe that will last.

We may be wrong about why we got sick but we can use the experience as a nudge to change the way we behave. Learning from sickness is healthy.


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PS The time we need a break is when we don't have time for a break. Enjoy the weekend!

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