May 2, 2007

Invent Your Ideal Investment

Ideal investment: the one you don't make
Dust off your thinking hat. Grab your magic wand.

Imagine you can create the investment which is ideal for you. What characteristics would it have?

Seriously. Please give this some thought and list your ideas as comments. In another post, we'll discuss which investments, if any, are close.


Anonymous said...

Promod, the ideal investment would, of course, have no down side. I realize that this is pie in the sky, however, perfection would be high reward and absolutely no risk, kind of like those spam offers we keep getting...

Traditional seg funds had some of the risk covered, but the reward was diminished by higher fees.

In addition to the risk and reward factor, I am looking for investments that can produce a great return and still allow me to hold my head up high, in other words, ones with an ethical philosophy.

I keep big tobacco, gaming and companies with bad environmental records out of my portfolio.

Anonymous said...

I want high returns!

Promod said...

Hi Peter. You're not asking for much ;) Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Promod,
Good to see you getting involved with the Canadian Tour of Personal Finance blogs.

Should be a good event!

Look forward to your post!

Promod said...

Thanks for taking the initiative to start the tour, Monty.