May 31, 2007

Learning From Brian Tracy Live

It's always hard before it's easy
--- Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy spoke at a corporate event earlier today. I heard part of his presentation before I was forced to leave. Brian helps people improve their lives. I know him primarily through his audiobooks. Last year, I learned that he's Canadian. You know how we complain about the weather. He actually did something ... moved to California :)

Brian was discussing ways we can make more money. Unlike many others who discuss this ever-popular topic (see Too Good To Be True), his ideas work. But take work.

Learn and Apply New Skills
Brian explained that a Mercedes car is lost on the back roads. In comparison, a rusted jalopy on the highway goes faster and further. Our mind is like the Mercedes. We need to put it on the right track.
Aside: can't someone who can afford a Mercedes buy a GPS navigator to get back on track?
We are our most important assets. The world is moving ever-faster. If we don't continue developing our skills, we aren't standing still. We're falling behind. Eventually we're so far behind that we think we're first.

Self-esteem is critical and ours can suffer for many reasons, starting with how we were raised as children. We can replace the negatives with affirmations such as "I like myself" and "I love my work". Frankly, I was skeptical when I learned of affirmations from his video seminar "Achieving Personal Excellence" back in 1992. I tried them though, and they work. Try your own. With enthusiasm!

Brian also taught me
  • The Law of Attraction
  • modeling (do what the successful do and you'll be successful too)
While these ideas are available from other sources, they were new to me. He explained in ways I could understand and apply.

That's It?
As I was dragged out, Brian was talking about the Efficiency Curve, borrowed from the Boston Consulting Group. As we learn, our work takes less and less effort.

What I learned didn't make leaving any easier :(


Brian Tracy Quotes said...

Hi Promod.
If you like Tracy's presentation, you might also like this list of Brian Tracy quotes I've assembled. Enjoy.

Promod said...

Thanks for the link. You've got a nice collection of quotes.