January 1, 2011


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Welcome to 2011. As usual, let's start by reviewing what you read here on Riscario Insider in 2010.


After nearly four years, blogging feels like a normal part of life. In that sense, 2010 felt "routine". Long time readers may have noticed the blog redesign by thirtyseven interactive, the first since the launch in 2007.

The Top 10 Posts

Here's what you read most.
  1. Quotes related to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (#2 in 2009)
  2. Iron Man didn't save Leslie Bibb but another superhero did
  3. Does Warren Buffett "Buy Term and Invest The Difference"? (#3 in 2009)
  4. Toodledo does more than Remember The Milk
  5. Three keys to getting your insurance claim paid
  6. Six basic fears from 70 years ago [Napoleon Hill] (#4 in 2009)
  7. Secret 7: The best tax sheltering in Canada (#5 in 2009)
  8. The most dangerous part of driving
  9. PersonalBrain 5: Data to information to knowledge (#1 in 2009)
  10. Dealing with the staggering cost of dementia
Five of these posts were also in the top 10 for 2009 and four (#2, #5, #8 and #10) were selected by Rob Carrick for his Personal Finance Reader in The Globe & Mail.

Work A Peek

These 2010 posts didn't make the most read list but may interest you.
  1. Why I finally joined Toastmasters
  2. TED to TEDx to TEDxToronto
  3. Highlights from Maker Faire Detroit
  4. How to visit India
  5. You (yes you) are a genius [The Linchpin Session from Seth Godin]
Life Insurance
  1. Three reasons life insurance prices are shooting up
  2. The fine print taketh away … except in life insurance
  3. Case study: What to do when your Term 10 rates are about to spike
  4. Lease or buy? How life insurance compares with getting a car
  5. How advisors really prepare term life insurance proposals
  1. The foolproof measure of trust
  2. 13 questions to evaluate an investment that's "too good to be true"
  3. Three ways for hockey players (and you) to save for retirement
  4. Do financial doctors make as many mistakes as medical doctors?
  5. Donation guidelines from Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

    The Top 5 Podcasts

    If you prefer, you can listen to podcasts. Here are the top five.
    1. Does billionaire Seymour Schulich help you "Get Smarter"?
    2. "The Snowball" rolls into Warren Buffett (#1 in 2009)
    3. PersonalBrain 5: Data to information to wisdom (#2 in 2009)
    4. The three major obstacles to growth according to Brian Tracy
    5. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell: Mastery plus Opportunity trumps Talent (#4 in 2009)

    The Top 5 Countries

    You read from 128 countries (down from 139).
    1. Canada: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton
    2. United States: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston
    3. United Kingdom: London, Manchester, Edinburgh
    4. India: Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad
    5. Philippines: Manila, Mandaluyong, Ceby

    Sources of Traffic

    1. Search engines: 53% (up from 48%)
    2. Referring sites: 22% (down from 40%) [main sources: Globe & Mail, Canadian Capitalist, Canadian Business]
    3. Direct: 20% (up from 14%)
    I spent less time time leaving comments on other blogs and this shows in the lower referrals. When you leave conversations, you get forgotten.


    Here are the top keywords typed into search engines to get here.
    1. 7 habits of highly effective people quotes
    2. seymour schulich
    3. toodledo vs remember the milk
    4. quotes from 7 habits of highly effective people
    5. 7 habits quotes
    6. warren buffett life insurance
    7. quotes from the 7 habits of highly effective people
    8. 6 basic fears
    9. personalbrain 5 review
    10. pros and cons of financial leverage
    Notice the variations of "7 habits" and "quotes"? Different paths lead to the same destination.

    Browsers Used

    1. Internet Explorer: 44% (down from 59%)
    2. Firefox: 32% (down from 34%)
    3. Chrome: 12% (up from 2%)
    4. Safari: 9% (up from 2%)

    Operating Systems

    • Windows: 83% (down from 85%)
    • Macintosh: 11% (down from 12%)
    • iOS: 3% (up from 0.2%)
    • Linux: 2% (unchanged)

    Screen Resolution

    • 1280x800: 20% (unchanged)
    • 1024x768: 18% (down from 23%; was 35% in 2008)
    • 1280x1024: 13% (down from 15%)
    • 1680x1050: 9% (unchanged)
    • 1440x900: 8% (down from 11%)

    Mobile Devices

    About 3.5% of you are visiting with your mobile devices.
    1. iPhone (54%)
    2. iPad (17%) [longest visits]
    3. iPod (11%)
    4. Blackberry (8%) [shortest visits]
    5. Android (6%)
    In all, Apple devices account for 82% of mobile visits. I'm glad I don't use Adobe Flash anywhere.


    Podcast Episode 98 (8:33)

    direct download | Internet Archive page

    PS There won't be as many statistics in the next post.


    Canadian Capitalist said...

    Congratulations on your 4 years Promod! I'll to highlight more of your excellent artiles.

    Promod said...

    Thanks CC! I'm glad you're still reading. You were especially helpful when I started and had virtually no readers.

    Since I became an "expert" entrepreneur in 2010, I'll have time to read more of your excellent posts this year.