February 15, 2014


imageTick tock. Time passes.

This blog started on February 18, 2007 — seven years ago this month. What’s more, the writing has continued. There’s personal satisfaction in not quitting.

You’ll find over 700 posts (357 here at Riscario Insider, 338 at Marketing Actuary and 10 at Money 50/50). That’s over 350,000 words, based on a conservative estimate of 500 words per post. You’ll also find the Riscario wiki which launched in 2006 (word count not known).

The beginning

Click to read the first ever postBlogging felt fresh and full of possibilities in 2007, the year the iPhone launched. I thought I had things to say that needed saying. That seemed more important than knowing how to write.

I had many unanswerable questions but didn’t use them as excuses to delay.
  1. Would anyone read? Yes!
  2. Would the ideas run out? No. More keep arriving
  3. Would there be time to write? Yes — a question of priorities
  4. Would I quit? Not yet (but stopped podcasting two months ago after 250 episodes)
Most personal financial bloggers peer in from the outside, a perspective which is valuable. There weren’t many insiders who blogged. There still aren’t (where is your advisor’s blog?).


Blogging is easier today thanks to the platforms available (I still use and recommend Google Blogger). That means more blogs. That means more difficulty in finding a niche and standing out. There are advantages to being an earlier adopter and consistent in posting.

Blogging is also harder today thanks to conflicting demands on our time. Also, readers have higher expectations for quality content and ease of reading.

The Future

If I were starting afresh, I’d focus on creating video instead. The transcript could be turned into a blog post and the audio into a podcast. Thanks to Toastmasters (why I finally joined) and podcasting, I feel more comfortable in front of a video camera.

I’ll continue blogging and plan to create more video. Thanks for reading year after year!


PS Now’s a great time to take a few minutes to explore more of this blog.

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Promod Sharma said...

Thanks! There are people who started well before me. It's important to be ready to make the commitment. If that means starting later, that's fine.