May 17, 2014


Since prices fluctuate, you might get stuck paying more than necessary unless you:
  1. Collect evidence: take screenshots when you’re shopping even if you’re not ready to buy (e.g., with Evernote or Snagit). Otherwise, what proof have you got?
  2. Make your case: give plausible reasons for your request
  3. Ask in writing: gives you time to refine your arguments and leaves a record
  4. Deal with reputable vendors: they’re more likely to make exceptions
Last time, we looked at not-so-good service from Petro-Canada. A week has passed and I still don’t have a replacement for my car wash season pass. This time let’s look at amazing service from Future Shop.

Why Future Shop?

If I can’t buy from Costco, I turn to Future Shop next. They have a wide selection, good inventory levels and great sale prices. Plus, you can visit a physical store (though I rarely do). Best Buy owns them but feels more corporate. Dell feels inflexible and doesn’t have physical stores. Staples has helpful staff but limited selection. Amazon has credible customer reviews but apparently treats workers worse than Walmart.

You might be able to get a price match but I prefer rewarding the retailer with the better price.

The Letter

Here’s my email to Future Shop about a price increase on a lens for a mirrorless camera.

Dear Future Shop, on Friday night I was looking at the Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm Lens (HX025) and the price was $413.98 as this screenshot shows:
first price
There was no mention of this being a special price or a time limited price. When you have conditions, you always show them. Here's a typical example which shows the discount and expiry date:
In the morning, I asked my wife about ordering the lens. She agreed. I didn't notice that the price had jumped to $524.98! That's a big increase — completely unexpected.
If you showed that the original price was time-limited, I would have ordered on the spot. Rather than order on a whim and return the order — costs you money — I waited. Can you kindly refund the difference? My wife and I would really appreciate your help.


The Reply

Here’s the nearly instant reply:

Dear Promod,

I’m happy to inform you that a credit in the amount of $111.00 has been applied to your order.

Please allow 5-7 business days for your credit to reflect on your credit card statement.

Thank you for choosing!

The Reaction

What’s not to like when you get the outcome request quickly?

Even the current Future Shop price of $525 is the best around. Some companies are charging the full list price of $649.99 — not even a penny off. Here’s a comparison on PhotoPrice.

The Steps To Take

You might get better results if you place an order first (provided you can return the item).


PS This week, I also got amazing customer service from Mercedes, so-so service from Starbucks and horrible service at Ginos Pizza. Those may be stories for later.

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