May 10, 2014


Need a car wash
A clean vehicle is important because I meet lots of clients. Since handwashing is inconvenient, we have a SuperWorks Car Wash Season Pass from Petro-Canada. This card gives you a SuperWash once a day for 90 days. You choose the vehicle and could even lend your card to a friend. The pass launched in 2008 for $149+tax and has crept up to  $179+tax. You save $10 by reloading online.

If you register your card with Petro-Canada, you get free insurance: they’ll replace a lost or stolen card without charge.

Great Need

SuperWorks Car Wash Season Pass
I’ve been doing highway driving and have bugs splattered on the windshield. That’s where a squeegee and car wash help. Besides, tomorrow is Mothers Day. Getting a car wash is easier than vacuuming the house.

I was about to get a SuperWash but couldn’t find my Season Pass. I looked and looked. Now’s the time to see how they handle claims.

The Expected Process

I figured that I’d
  1. Go online to report the card was missing
  2. Print out a form authorizing a free replacement
  3. Get a new card at a Petro-Canada location
In the background, they’d cancel the old card. Quick. Simple. Wrong.

The Real Process

The actual process is much more cumbersome.
Instructions from Petro-Canada
A whole network for customer service? That looks impressive. I phoned and listened to their menu options (which have changed to serve us better). Once I got to the right spot, the recording says:
“Our office is currently closed. Please contact us Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Thank you for calling Petro-Canada.”
Why doesn’t their website say they have limited operating hours? It’s a warm, sunny Saturday. I’ve got an unwashed car for the weekend, including Mothers Day. I don’t want to vacuum the house.

Another Path

Twitter allows companies to provide excellent customer service (four examples).
Petro-Canada started @petrocanada in January 2009 but has only has 669 tweets. The latest is more than two months old. I didn’t get a timely response.

Too Demanding?

If I can’t find my car wash card, is that Petro-Canada’s fault? Not really but they offer replacement insurance. We live in a world of 7 days-a-week shopping. Why is their Customer Service Network closed when their car washes are open?

Besides, I’m paying a premium because they keep sending me emails to read. I’m also spending extra time filing a claim.


PS Now to find the vacuum cleaner …

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