October 25, 2014


Red Cross tent
Life keeps breaking bad. Floods. Plane crashes. Shootings. Bombings. Diseases. Power outages. Forest fires. Computer viruses. Sometimes bad happens to strangers in a distant continent. Sometimes to people we know or places we’ve been. Good happens too, but gets less attention. Who would watch The Walking Alive, The Empire Doesn’t Strike Back or Breaking Good?

Many headline-grabbers fall into what Stephen Covey calls our large Circle of Concern. We can only make a difference in our smaller Circle of Influence which lies within. Do we do what we can?

Looking Back

When we look back, mistakes looks “obvious”. They weren’t at the time. No one can take all precautions all the time. Right Maleficent? Situations also change. A locked barn door doesn’t protect against leaks, tornados or termites.

Our priorities shift. One day we want lower taxes and convenient access. Another day we want more services and strict security.

At a personal level, memories fade. We forget to prepare (or stay prepared) for next time to the extent we intended.

Mismatched Resources

When disaster strikes outside our homes, society at large can help. Billions of dollars can be committed. There’s an outpouring of support, sometimes from other countries.
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When disaster strikes within our homes, we can’t count on the same help. We can take precautions

We can also transfer the financial risks in advance. That’s precisely what insurance does. Because there’s a price and underwriting, we can’t buy an unlimited amount. We’re forced to evaluate the risks, which can be difficult on our own. We tend to fear the wrong risks (e.g., sharks or terrorists) instead of higher probability risks (e.g., disability and longevity).

Looking Forward

To paraphrase Jim Rohn’s dad: You can’t fix the roof when it’s raining. And when it’s sunny, you don’t need to.

What will you do with what you know now? It’s easy to become desensitized (and do nothing) and hard to mobilized (and take action steps within your control).


PS Good also happens … sometimes from preparing for bad.

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