November 3, 2012


The Objective Financial Hour - Jason Heath and Promod SharmaJason Heath, a fee-only financial planner at Objective Financial Partners, interviewed me on the Objective Financial Hour (which does not run a full 60 minutes).

You may know Jason from his articles in the Financial Post (list). A recent column spurred the post, what does your advisor drive? (podcast 190).

Jason Heath

The Objective Financial Hour - Jason HeathJason is an Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who has spent more than 10 years preparing fee-only plans. He doesn’t sell any products, which brings objectivity to his recommendations. That's rare.

You can easily find financial planners who prepare plans for "free" because they get paid from the sale of products. The question is whether the best advice for you is free or for-fee.

What’s Discussed

The Objective Financial Hour - Promod SharmaYou’ll find out about a range of topics related to insurance, investments and financial planning. The program has three segments.

Segment 1

  1. what does an actuary do? (see me an actuary?)
Insurance Reviews
  1. the uniqueness of fee-only insurance reviews
  2. the reasons for getting a review
  3. the three-step process (see Taxevity)
  4. the types of changes that can be made after you’ve bought a policy
  5. how an insurance pharmacy differs from a medical pharmacy
  1. the biggest issue (includes slides)
  2. sources of information and advice
  3. ratings of honesty and ethics
  4. more: who can you trust and what you like/dislike about your trusted financial advisor

Segment 2 (starts at 0:17)

  1. the core of insurance
  2. the importance of the mortality curve (see insights from Pink Floyd)
  3. why life insurance offers tax advantages (see secret 7)
  4. the drawbacks of investing inside life insurance (see the two drawbacks)
  5. the flaw in “buy term and invest the difference” arguments (see what would Warren Buffett do?)
  6. selling the sizzle instead of addressing a need
  7. the RRSP preserver
  8. using life insurance to pay tax liabilities

Segment 3 (starts at 0:33)

Life insurance
  • life insurance as an investment
  • life insurance for estate planning
  • who benefits from buying life insurance for estate purposes
  • more: the top five insured strategies,
Income replacement insurance
Critical illness insurance
Long-term care insurance
The fiduciary question

The Interview

For the first time, I’m using several slides during an on-camera interview. That spares you from watching Jason and me for the full show. Now grab your popcorn and beverage. Here’s the interview.

That’s all.


Podcast 193

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PS What other questions would you like answered?

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